Keynote speaker: Pierre Boucher

Research Director, Ericsson Canada.

Title: How Future Networks can make a contribution to the Networked Society.


New networks will come with enhanced capabilities and performance. How can those be used in practice by a networked society? This talk will look at potential usage scenarios in areas such as transportation, utilities, public safety, health and other sectors.


Pierre Boucher is Director of Research at Ericsson's Research & Development and Services Centre in Montreal. He is responsible for research activities on broadband systems and networks for the R&D centre's collaborative research and innovation projects with universities and institutions. Areas covered by his group include research in packet technologies, intellectual property management and incentive program management. Mr. Boucher's interests are in cloud networking and computing and applications of ICT in smart grid, intelligent transport, smart communities, and sustainable development.

Mr. Boucher represents Ericsson on various boards promoting research and innovation in the telecommunications sector and in the community, such as Prompt, CATA, ADRIQ and TechnoMontréal. Prior to his 20 years at Ericsson, Mr. Boucher worked for Rogers in Network Research with a focus on OSS systems.